Laurie Jones

Laurie Jones, a noted war veteran, set several cycling records in the 1920s and 1930s before moving into cycling administration. He was a member of the League of Victorian Wheelmen - he was President between 1948-1951 -  for 33 years. He also served in the role of President of the Australian Cycling Council from 1952 and was the Australian representative to the World Cycling Championship in Holland in 1967. He also co-originated the Sun Tour Road Race. After his racing career was over he took over the real estate business of Llewellyn Jones at 216 High St Preston. Laurie was friendly with Jack Campbell Snr and Jnr as well as Jack Lukey. They owned the Essendon Board Cycling Track.  He encouraged Campbell Jnr and Lukey to establish Campbell's Motors in Preston.

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