Albert George Davis


The Davis family  were well known in the pharmaceutical industry. Albert’s father, W. J. Davis Jr. purchased a chemist in High Street Preston in 1910. Two years later W. J. Davis Snr joined his son in Preston. Albert spent most of his life in Preston, his schooling being at South Preston State School. After being apprenticed to his father, Albert qualified as a chemist in 1922.

He soon established his own business in Regent in 1923, moving to High Street Preston in 1936. Davis was prominent within his field, twice serving as President of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society. In 1933 Davis was elected to the Preston Council, serving for 21 years as Councillor.  In  1936-7 and 1949-50 Davis was elected Mayor of Preston. Like many of his fellow Councillors he also served on the Board of Management of PANCH, including terms as President in 1945-6 and 1963-4. 

A. G. Davis Reserve in Wood Street was named after Davis. He also received a Coronation Medal for his contribution to Municipal Affairs during the coronation of George VI. He received a second medal during the coronation of Elizabeth II.  

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