Ralph Candy

Ralph Candy was elected to the Northcote Council in August 1890, representing the South Ward along with W.H. Dennis and C.J. Verso.

In 1891, as Mayor, he was involved in the Library Committee which was established on the 15th of December, 1891. The Committee allocated 50 pounds sterling of rate payer’s money for the purchase of books and, on the 18th of January 1892, the Northcote Library was opened.

The Library collection consisted of 300 volumes, a selection of newspapers for perusal in the reading area and boardgames such as chess and draughts. Subscribers were charged 2/6 per quarter, and the library was open 3 nights a week.

The library - initially housed in the Town Surveyor’s office, a mere 25 foot by 12 foot room - was moved to a much larger building in 1911, the site of which is now council offices next to the Northcote Town Hall on High Street.

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