Albert Woolhouse



Born in Yorkshire in 1869, Woolhouse was an active member of the Northcote community from his arrival around the turn of the century until his death in October 1914. He had been a Councillor for the West Ward of Northcote from 1905 until his death. Several months prior to his death he had suffered a severe bout of influenza and had not regained his strength when he unexpectedly collapsed and died on the 7 October 1914.

Not only did Woolhouse serve as a Councillor but also was the Council representative on the Metropolitan Board, President of the Rifle Club and ex President of the Football Club. Described by the Northcote Leader as being 'genial', his funeral included fourteen motor vehicles, an unusually large number for that time, when horse and buggy still predominated. Woolhouse left a widow, Harriet and seven children. At the time of his death Woolhouse had real estate valued at £600 (66 Normandy Avenue) and a personal estate of  £713 (worth about $84,00 in 2018 currency.)

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