Clarence William Timmins

Northcote Mayor (1920-21)

Clarence Timmins was born in Carlton in 1886 to builder John and his wife Caroline Timmins. The family were living in James Street, Northcote by 1909 where Clarence was working as a clerk. Two years later he married Martha Ellen Mason in 1911. The couple lost two children in 1916, daughters Jean and Nancy.

By the early 1920s Martha and Clarence had moved to nearby Charles Street and Clarence was working as a builder. He was also elected to the Northcote Council and served as Mayor of Northcote in 1920-21. Clarence was one of three councillors who did not walk out of the notorious council meeting in April 1919 when the then Mayor, Walter Glanfield, refused to put up a motion of no-confidence in himself, after charges were laid against him with reference to his business as a herbalist. At the end of the decade the Timmins moved to Collingwood.

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