George H. Mott


Preston Mayor (1937 - 1938)

George Mott was born in New South Wales. He arrived in Preston with his father Decimus Mott in 1924. Decimus Mott purchased the Northcote and Preston Leader and in 1928 formed Leader Publishing Co. George Mott had moved to the Oakhill estate in Preston in 1926 and soon began to take an active part in the community. This led to his election to the Preston Council in 1932. He was to serve six years as councillor including a stint as Mayor in 1937-8.

In 1946 Decimus Mott died and George became the new Managing Director of the Leader Publishing Company. Under his direction, the company began to expand, taking over many other community newspapers in Melbourne and establishing partnerships with others. By the 1960s over one third of Melbourne’s community were reading local newspapers either owned or allied with the Leader Publishing Company. The G. H. Mott Reserve in Patterson Street, Preston was created by the Council in recognition of his contributions to the Preston Community.

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