James A. Hogan

James A. Hogan lived at 3 Woolton Avenue, Thornbury, and stood for election to Northcote West Ward. He was the founder of the West Ward Progress Association and its Secretary. He also organised and developed the Northcote Life Saving and Swimming Club. He was a representative on the Executive of the Victorian Head Centre of the Royal Life Saving Society, and represented that society on the 'Herald Learn to Swim Campaign, 1930'. Amongst the other organisations with which he was involved were the Unemployed Carnivals of 1928-29, Melbourne and Metropolitan Council of Progress Associations, Northcote Central Executive of Progress Associations, the Car and Wagon Shop section of the Victorian Railways Union and the Rolling Stock Division. He also occupied a seat on the State Council. He was an Honorary Park Ranger involved in the beautification of St George's Road.

Election pamphlet for City of Northcote Municipal Elections