Ernest Fleetwood Gardiner

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Ernest Fleetwood Gardiner came from a well-to-do family. His father was Samuel Gardiner owned a small goods factory in Melbourne and in 1877 purchased a large piece of land (277 acres) which he named Bundoora. Samuel Gardiner lost his large estate in 1894 as the Great Depression wiped out many fortunes. For Ernest Fleetwood Gardiner, life was not so bad. In 1905 he married Miss Eva Keel of Frankston and set himself up home in 36 May Street Preston.

For the next few years the various censuses and directories described Ernest was described as having 'independent means, or as a 'traveller.' The First World War may have caused a disruption in the Gardiner fortunes as from the 1920s onward his profession was as a photographer. Always a keen photographer, it is to due Gardiner that we have a number of photographs in our collection of life in Preston in the 1910s to 1930s.    

Ernest Gardiner passed away at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in May 1949. He was 75. He was survived by his wife Eva and their children Ernest, Robert and Mavis.

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