Frederick Caddaye

(1902 - 1995)

Frederick Caddaye was born in Portland in 1902 before moving to Northcote as a small child.  Educated at Helen Street Primary School.

He briefly worked as a menswear salesman in Flinders Street before establishing a wood yard and ice works on the block of land bordered by Clarke, Park Streets and Charles Street, Northcote.

Caddaye ran business from this site for the next sixty years before retiring. 

The land was then sold to Northcote Council and government rail agency VicTrack.

The site is now a park and in 2005, the Council and local residents agreed to rename the site Caddaye's Corner in memory of the long standing business that operated there. 

Caddaye was a strong supporter of the Northcote Cricket Club, serving as Vice President and later becoming a Life Member.

He died on 30th September 1995
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