Alberto Sanguinetti

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Alberto Sanguinetti arrived in Northcote in 1889 and established his paint and decorating store at 320 High Street Northcote.  In 1906 Sanguinetti moved his premises to 347 (later renumbered 391) High Street Northcote.

Sanguinetti died in 1914 and the business closed down in the following year.

Pages of a ledger book detail the receipts and expenditure linked to the estate of the late Mr Sanguinetti. Many local businesses and some local government costs such as water rates are mentioned.

In 1921 a rental agreement was made between new tenant William F. Pridgeon and landlady Mrs Honora Sanguinetti for the shop at 391 High Street, Northcote.

Shortly after this William Pridgeon advertised in a poster that he would be continuing the paint and papering business of the late Alberto Sanguinetti. (See Attachments)

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