Rhodes and Heron, mechanical repairs 1925 -

William Archibald Rhodes and Hugh Heron began their carriage works and motor repair in St. Georges Road in 1925, replacing T. R. Williams who had the same or similar business there from 1921. The following year they advertised the sale of a portable engine, describing their business as ‘”coach makers.”  

As cars began to permeate the suburbs the company shifted to focus more on motor vehicles. Yet even as late as 1947 the company was advertising for a blacksmith capable of doing repair work on coaches. In 1936 Rhodes and Heron became listed, Rhodes and Heron Pty. Ltd.  Motor and general contracting engineers, motor and coach body builders. Capital was listed at £5,000 in £1 shares with both Rhodes and Heron having one share each.

In December 1954 the land immediately adjacent to Rhodes and Heron was offered up for auction. Formerly occupied by the Northcote Vienna Bakery, the property included one and two storey factory buildings, cart house and stabling. These would have part of the original Rhodes and Heron carriage works, now redundant.

By the 1960s the address of the business had changed from 6-14 St. Georges Road to 2 St. Georges Road. This could reflect the business relocating slightly or possible just a renumbering of the street. As of 2017 the company still continues to operate from 2 St. Georges Road today.

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