Balgonie Place, Northcote

"The Little Street that No One Owns"

At the back of the shops on High Street Northcote near Separation Street was a laneway. It was referred to as “Balgonie Place”. Unlike the Balgonie Place of today it was a dirt road that was considered private land. In 1955, the City of Northcote proposed properly constructing Balgonie Place. The City Engineer, Mr. A. R. Hill considered adding history of the street to the proposal. In 1956, when Northcote Council looked at the proposal again, they discussed that the street was from the “dim, distant past” and could not find any evidence of anyone originally constructing the street. In a town hall meeting in 1956 a resident said that Northcote Council taking ownership and constructing the street has been in conversation for 30 years. Cr. Haynes said that as a youth, he heard the street discussed at the “place no one owns.” Cr. Turner said that footpaths and kerbing were going to be put in back in the 1940s, but the Northcote Council lacked the finance. In 1958, it was decided that Balgonie Place will be properly constructed. Notice was given to the owners who were made liable for the cost. Four owners objected but eventually withdrew their application. The Town Clerk Mr. E. Mason considered the matter settled and the dirt lane became an established street. 

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