Edwardes Street Reservoir

The first resident of Edwardes Street, Reservoir was Miss Heather Dumas who was listed as living there in 1893. Later the property was taken over by John McDougall. In 1905 the property was listed under Mrs McDougall with the surrounding area shown as paddocks. It was not until 1907 when Thomas Breese moved into the street that it gained its second resident. Slowly more houses were built and seven years later the street gained its third resident when Thomas Hutton built a house at 97 Edwardes Street. He was to remain there until 1956/7. 

The street was named after an early landowner, Thomas Dyer Edwardes who also donated 34 acres of his estate to form a park, which became Edwardes Lake Park.

Sands & McDougall Street Directories record the street as 'Edward Street' until 1923 when its correct spelling was used from that year onwards. There are other examples of the street name being apparently misspelled including the 1925 MMBW map where both spellings are used in one document. 

Sands and McDougall’s Melbourne and Suburban Directory 1864- 1974.[Microfiche]. (1974). Melbourne, Australia : Sands & McDougall