Prospect Hill Estate, Preston

Tyler Street, Plenty Road

The Prospect Hill Estate land sale took place on 22 October 1881. The land sale poster shows its proximity to Preston Primary School which opened in 1875, to the Church of England and to the main arterial route of Plenty Road, only ‘5 minutes’ walk of the cab stand’. The Rose, Shamrock & Thistle pub was also close by on Plenty Road.

The 18 acres of land bordered Plenty Road and Wood Street and had been subdivided into seven allotments, with areas from 2 acres up to 5 ¾ acres. The land was described as possessing ‘attractions in the way of natural beauty of situation and otherwise which it would be difficult to surpass’. Included in the sale was ‘a neat weatherboard cottage (on Lot 1)’ with ‘a very large number of superior fruit trees which have been carefully pruned and tended.’   (‘Prospect Hill’ was also an earlier name of the land at Bundoora Park, much further up Plenty Road.)

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