Street Names of Westgarth

The original Government Township of Northcote was laid out between 1853-1855 in what is now Westgarth. The four original streets being Cunningham, Walker, Urquhart and Rucker. All four were some of Northcote's original land purchasers.  

William Westgarth contributed his name to the area although his connection to Northcote was minimal at best. A popular politician and leading pro Melbourne activist, the area was named in his honour as he left to return to England. Ironically, despite being designated as the site for a township, Northcote quickly centred itself around the Peacock Inn and Bastings General Store at the top of Rucker's Hill.

In the 1980s' Carmine Sellitto compiled a list of Westgarth Street names and their origins. 

TheoriginsofstreetsandtheirnamesintheWestgarthareaofNorthcote.pdf(PDF, 2MB)