Gilbert Road, Preston

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In 1853 William Gilbert purchased a plot of land along the north west corner of Jika Jika subdivision 147. In the 1860s a track running north from around Murray Road became known as Gilbert Road. 

A second road, Elizabeth Street ran from Bell Street to Murray Road, joining up with Gilbert Road. As Gilbert Road continued to expand to the north, Elizabeth Street spread southwards, eventually joining up with Miller Street.

Land sales along Elizabeth Street in 1888 included the Station Estate, Mount Bischoff Estate, Preston Railway Estate and Preston Railway Station Estate. By the 1890s pig farms – namely those owned by the Thompson and Staples families - dominated the area. In the 1920s, the established of a tramline along Gilbert Road boosted the popularity of the area. In 1932 the Elizabeth Street part of the road became part of Gilbert Road.

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