Street name changes

Adams Street, Preston - previous name James Street. 

Agnes Street, Northcote - previous name Derby Avenue.  Changed 3 October 1917, 6 August 1917.

Albert Street, Preston - previous names Eileen and Angliss Street. 

Allchin Street, Reservoir - previous name Harmer Street 

Angliss Street, Preston - deleted street previous name Albert Street. 

Anstey Avenue, Reservoir - previous name Connors Avenue.  Changed October 1969.

Arbour Street, Northcote - previous name Railway Street.

Armadale Street, Northcote - from Martin to Clarendon Streets.  Previous name Cecil Street.  Changed 1916.

Arnold Street, Preston - previous name Wurruk Avenue.  Changed 3 April 1950.

Asling Street, Preston - previous name Annie Street 

Ballan Street, Reservoir - previous names Kelly Street and Keith Street

Bartrop Street, Reservoir - previous name Hawker Street

Bayliss Street, Preston - previous name Michael Street.

Beaconsfield Parade, Northcote:
 - West of St Georges Road - previous name Wilson Street.  Changed 3 Oct 1917.
 - High Street to St Georges Road - previous name Erskine Street.
 - Part previously named Jeffries Lane. Changed c1900.

Beaufort Street, Preston - previous name Bryant Street (off Princes Street).

Bent Street, Northcote: 
 - West of St Georges Road - previous name Gladstone Street . Changed 3 October 1917, 4 May 1917.

Bird Avenue, Northcote - previous name Myrtle Street. Changed 30 June 1947.

Bracken Avenue, Northcote - originally a drain, no road.

Bratithwaite Street, Reservoir - previous name McDonald Street.

Bricknell Street, Preston - deleted street.  Previous name Preston Street.

Broadhurst Avenue, Reservoir - previous name White Avenue.

Brooke Street, Northcote - previous name Hart Street.

Bruthen Street, Preston - previous name Bourke Street (off Bridge Street).

Bullan Street, Preston - deleted street, formerly Bailey Avenue.

Cain Avenue, Northcote - previous name Bents Avenue. Changed 7 Apr. 1924, previously Railway Place.  Changed 5 Nov. 1923

Candy Street, Northcote - previous name Herbert Street.  Changed 1887.

Capp Street, Reservoir - previous name Doolan Street.

Carthew Grove, Preston - previous name Epping Street.

Cheddar Road, Reservoir - previous name MMBW Pipe Track.

Chifley Drive, Preston - previous names Princes Street, Bridge Street and Seton Street.

Chingford Street, Fairfield - previous name Edwin Street.  Changed September 1939.

Clapham Street, Thornbury - previous name Railway Avenue.  Changed 23 June 1919.

Claude Street, Northcote - previous name Station Avenue.  Changed 23 June 1919.

Cleveland Street, Northcote - previous name Dickens Street.  Changed 7 & 16 Apr. 1924.

Clinch Avenue, Preston - previous name Station Street.

Clunes Street, Kingsbury - previous name Parker Street.

Coate Avenue, Alphington / Fairfield - previous name Grange Road. 

Colac Crescent, Preston - deleted street off Water Court. previous name Cash St.

Comas Grove, Northcote - previous name Merri Vale Grove.  Changed 5 Nov 1919.

Cope Street, Preston - previous name Reserve Street.

Cornwall Street, Northcote - previous name Walter Street.  Changed 1932.

Creek Parade, Northcote - previous name The Parade.  Changed 1917.

Crossley Street, Preston - deleted street off Walsh Street.  Previous name Walsh Street.

Davidson Street, Reservoir - previous name Barrow St. Prior to this known as Bowden St.

Dennis Street, Northcote - previous name Mitchell Street. Changed in 1888.

Dole Avenue, Reservoir - previous name Dumbarton St West

Douglas Street, Preston - deleted street. Previous name Stanely St.

Dowling Street, Preston - deleted street.  Previous name Darebin St.  Off Bridge St.

Dredge Street, Reservoir - previous name Deane St.

Dromana Avenue, Preston - deleted street.  Previous name Ruby St.  Off Gumbrae St.

Dundas Street, Thornbury - previous name Boundary St. Changed July 1917. 

Dunolly Crescent, Reservoir - previous name Dwyer Cr.  Off Boldrewood Pde.

Edwin Street, Fairfield- previous name Chingford Street.  Changed 1963. Numbers 45 and 47 Chingford Street should always have been known as Edwin Street, now numbered 1 and 3.

Eileen Street,  Preston -  deleted street.  Previous name Albert St.

Ellerslie Street, Kingsbury - previous name Ruby Street (off Bradshaw St.).

Ellesmere Street, Northcote - previous name Railway Street.  Changed 23 June 1919.

Elm Street, Northcote - previous name Aberdeen Street. West of St Georges Road.  Changed 4 May, 3 Oct 1917.

Emmaline Street, Northcote - Emmaline Street was previously known as Sargood Street but on 14 May 1917 the name was changed to Emmaline Street.  It was one of several streets between High Street and St. Georges Road to be renamed at this time.  The others included Aberdeen Street (changed to Elm Street), Gladstone Street (to Bent Street), Wilson Street (to Beaconsfield Parade) and Slinden Street (to Gadd Street).  The name changes were to link them with existing roads existing to the west of St. Georges Road.

Evans Crescent, Northcote - previous name Edwards Crescent.  Changed 7 Apr 1924.  Late George Street, between Plant Street to Edwards Crescent [1909].  Changed 5 Nov 1923.

Finlay Street, Northcote - previous name Railway Place.  Beaconsfield Parade to Gadd Street.  Changed 7 and 16 April 1924.

Flett Street, Preston - previous name Whitehead Street.

Foley Avenue, Preston - previous names Hamilton and William Streets.

Ford Crescent, Thornbury - previous name Ford Street.  Changed 5 Nov 1923, 7 Apr 1924.

Frank Wilkes Court, Northcote - previous name Holmes Court.  Housing Commission Title.

Frederick Street, Northcote - previous name Bank Street. North of Mitchell Street. Changed 5 Nov 1923, 7 Apr 1924.

French Avenue, Northcote - previous name Collom Street.  Changed 26 Feb 1945.

Gadd Street, Northcote - previous name Sladen Street. Changed 14 May, 3 Oct 1917.

Garden Street, Reservoir - previous name Park Street.

Gracie Street, Northcote - previous name St Georges Grove.  Changed 5 Nov 1923, 7 Apr 1924.

Hawthorn Road, Northcote -previous name Plant Street. Changed pre 1884.

Hayes Street, Northcote -previous name Wilson Street.  Changed 1910-1911.

Helen Street, Northcote - previous name Perry Street. Changed (pre 1946).

Hemburrow Street, Preston - previous name Collin Street

Herbert Street, Northcote - previous name Railway Place.  Arthurton Road and Beaconsfield Parade. Previous name Railway Parade.  Hawthorn Road to Arthurton Road.  Changed 23 Jun 1919.

Hill Grove, Preston - previous name Lorne Grove

Holmes Street, Northcote - South of Wesgarth Street, formerly known as Simpson Street.  Changed ?

Hopetoun Avenue, Reservoir- previous nalme Hope Street

Howe Street, Preston-deleted street? Previous name Deane Street Note: unlikely to be Howe Court in Reservoir

Howitt Street, Northcote- Between Thomson Street and Cain Avenue formerly known as Robertson Street.  Changed 7 & 16 Apr 1924.
Between Westgarth & Thomson Streets formerly known as Mary Street.  Changed 5 Nov 1923 & 7 Apr 1924.

Hurlstone Avenue, Preston- previous name Blundy Avenue

Jackson Street, Northcote - previous name Slater Street.  Changed 7 Apr 1924. Previous name Merri Street. Changed 5 Nov 1923. previous name Butler Street.  Changed 1905.

Jones Street, Northcote - previous name Station Street.  Changed 7 April 1924 & 5 Nov 1923.

Kenneth Street, Preston - previous name Alfreda St. Note: incorrectly known for many years.

Knowles Street, Northcote - previous name George St. Changed 1903.

Latham Street, Northcote - previous name Myrtle St.  Changed 3 Oct 1917, 23 July 1917.

LaTrobe Avenue, Northcote - previous name St Elmo Rd. Changed ? Post 1994 City of Yarra.

Lees Street, Northcote - previous name Hay St.  Changed 7 April 1924, 5 Nov 1923.

Leinster Grove, Northcote - previous name Arthur St. Between Beavers Rd and Woolton Ave. Changed c1893.

Lily Street, Northcote - previous name Alexander St.

Lindenow Street, Reservoir - previous name Lloyd St (off Asquith St).

Lindsay Street, Reservoir - previous name McCrae St.

Lucerne Crescent, Alphington - previous name Bank St. Post 1994 City of Yarra.

Lugton Street, Alphington - previous name St Elmo Ave.  Since 1994 within City of Yarra.

Mackay Street, Northcote - previous name McKay Crescent.  Changed 7 April 1924, 5 Nov 1923.

Maynard Street, Preston - previous name Elaitchbee Grove

McCasker Avenue, Reservoir - previous name McCay Street

McColl Street, Preston - previous name Centre Street

McFadzean Avenue, Reservoir - previous name Sydney Avenue

McIntosh Street, Northcote - previous name Rucker Street. Changed 24 Jan, 1888.

McPherson Street, Reservoir - previous name Station Street.

McPherson Street, Reservoir - previous name Station Street.

Merino Street, Reservoir - previous name Wymba Street

Mernda Street, Reservoir - deleted street. Previous name Knox Street

Miller Street, Northcote - previous name Dundas Street. Changed 7 April 1924, 5 Nov 1923.   Previous name Boundary Road.  Changed 3 Oct 1917.

Milton Crescent, Preston -  previous name Milton Street.

Mitchell Sreet, Northcote - previous name  Fitch Street.

Myrtle Grove, Preston - previous name Nyowee Street.

Newton Street, Reservoir - previous name Miller Street and Bird Avenue.

Nichol Street, Preston - previous name Prior Street

Normanby Avenue, Thornbury - between Comas Grove and Creek.  Previous name Moreland Road.  Changed 18 March 1946.

Oakover Road, Preston - previous name Whitwell St.

Oamaru Street, Northcote - Oamaru Street was developed as part of the Mount View Estate development, probably during the 1920s.  The estate included Victoria Road, Oamaru Street, Wakanui Street and Hakatare Street, names associated with New Zealand places.

Oldis Avenue, Northcote - previous name Union Ave.  Changed 7 April 1924, 5 Nov 1923.

Orrong Avenue, Reservoir - previous name Wallis Street.

Panther Place, Northcote - previous name Bond St.  Since 1994 within City of Yarra.

Parer Street, Reservoir - Parer,  Vickers, Vimy, &  Cobham Streets:
These streets have links to aeronautics and Australia.  In 1919 an air race was held flying from England to Australia, with a prize of 10,000 pounds.  The sixth plane to depart (the race already had been won) was a Vickers Vimy piloted by Ray Parer and John McIntosh.  Took seven months to reach Australia.

Park Avenue, Preston - previous name Agnes St.

Park Street, Northcote - between Creek and Union St.  Previous name Davies St.  Changed 24 Oct 1917.  Between Gordon Gve and Westbourne Gve.  Previous name Carnarvon Ave.  Changed 3 Oct 1917, 23 June 1917.

Pinkney Street, Northcote - previous name Green St.  Changed 7 April 1924, 5 Nov 1923.

Pratt Street, Reservoir - previous name Davis Street.

Rayment Street, Northcote - previous name St. Clair Avenue. Changed 3 Oct 1917, 23 July 1917. previous name St. Clare Street.

Reidford Avenue, Preston - previous name Veronica Street.

Rex Avenue, Alphington - previous name Fulham Avenue. Changed 1994.

Robb Street, Reservoir - previous name Hamilton Avenue.

Robeson Street, Preston - previous name Oakover Road.

Romsey Street, Reservoir - previous name Ranleigh Street. 

Ruby Street, Preston - previous name Keith Street.

Selby Street, Preston - previous name Roma Street.

Showers Street, Preston - named after Charles Showers - Shire President of Preston, 1891/1892.

Simpson Street, Northcote - between railway line and Clarke Street. Previous name Walstab Street. Changed 1912.

Slater Street, Northcote - previous name The Elms Avenue. Changed Feb 1927.

South Crescent, Northcote - previous name Railway Place. Changed 1905. Prior Simpson Street Easterly.

South Street, Preston - previous name Thompson Street.

Spratling Street, Reservoir - previous name Wilfred Street.

St. David Street, Thornbury - Between Flinders and Dundas Sts - previous name Hotham St.  Changed 3 Oct 1917, July 1917.

Stanlake Street, Reservoir - previous name Railway Place.

Station Street, Thornbury - Between Mansfield and Dundas Sts. Named 7 June 1971.

Steane Street, Fairfield - previous name Herbert Street. Changed 1916.

Stewart Street, Reservoir - previous name Station Street.

St. Georges Road, Preston - previous names included Frank, John & Woodland Streets. North of Hutton St - previous name Yan Yean Pde. Changed 1912.

Storey Road, Reservoir - previous name South Road.

Stott Street, Preston - previous name Burgess Street.

Stott Street, Thornbury - East side along railway to be continued from Beaconsfield Pde and Hutton St. Changed 23 June 1919.

Sullivan Street, Preston - previous name Reserve Street.

Sutton Street, Reservoir - previous name Charles Street.

Swift Street, Thornbury - previous name Walker St. Changed 1916.

Tanner Grove, Northcote - previous name Murphy Grove.

Thomson Street, Northcote - previous name Gotch St.  Changed 7 April 1924,  5 Nov 1923.

Timmins Street, Northcote - previous name Lower High St.  Changed 1911, 1918.

Tunaley Parade, Reservoir - previous name Keon Parade (east of Cheddar Rd West).

Turnbull Grove, Northcote - previous name Station Grove.  Changed 7 April 1924, 5 Nov 1923.

Union Street, Northcote - previous name Steane Street.  Changed 5 November 1923.

Vauxhall Road, Northcote - previous name Gordon Street.  Changed 5 November 1923. Previous name Vauxhall Street. Changed 7 April 1924.

Victoria Road, Northcote - previous name Occupation Rd (between Clarke St and Separation St).  Changed 1888. Previous name Hamilton St (between Clifton St and Dundas St).  Changed 23 July 1917, 3 October 1917. Previous name Vauxhall Rd (between Westgarth St and Railway).  Changed 1887. Previous name Sherwin St (between Thomson Ave and Cain Ave).  Changed 1887.

View Street, Alphington - previous name Alice Street.  Changed 1938.

Westfield Street, Northcote - previous name Edward Street.

Whalley Street, Northcote - previous name Emma Street (north of Separation Street).  Changed 7 and 16 April 1924.

Wingrove Street, Fairfield - previous name Railway Place (east of Gillies St). 

Woodhouse Street, Northcote - previous name Mitchell Street. Changed 1909. 

Yarralea Street, Fairfield - previous name Yarra Street

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