Broadway, Reservoir

Broadway first appears in the directories in 1927. Already a few scattered houses were there, with several more under construction. The first shop had also appeared, Jonathan Gunston - furniture manufacturer. He was gone by the next year.

By 1929 Reservoir was finally being considered a suburb within its own right instead of being part of Preston. There was now N. C. Perry's woodstore and Harry Grant'd dairy as well as another dairy up near Plenty Road.  

Growth continued to be slow and by 1938 only two more shops had appeared, Mr Foots grocery store and A. Goodison's furrier shop. Furriers made or altered clothes made with fur so it seems a slightly unusual store for a scarcely populated Broadway. Perhaps he traded in rabbit skins which would have been plentiful in the largely rural Reservoir.

By mid way through the Second World War we saw only the addition of E. G. Sutton's real estate business but sadly the demise of A. Goodison and his furs. W. Sullivan was now the local grocer. 

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