Broadhurst Estate, Preston

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Gower, Preston & High Streets

 The Broadhurst estate was named after Thomas Broadhurst, founder of Broadhurst’s Tannery. Tanneries were a major industry in the history and development of Preston. In the late 1880s Mr Broadhurst took advantage of high land prices that came with Melbourne’s land boom and sold his property and left the district. Some years later he returned to Preston and established a new tannery at Mary and Cramer streets which is now the site of Preston Market. Many other estates and parcels of land were for sale during this period of history, when transport links such as the railways were becoming established in the area.

The Broadhurst Estate was first advertised for sale on 12 May 1888 with 45 business and villa lots available facing onto High, Gower & Preston Streets. Accessibility to the new tram terminus was promoted as well as the proximity to railways ‘being only 5 minutes’ walk to the Bell Street Station and about the same distance to the proposed Murray Street Station’.

 Considerable attention is being directed to this district, and when we add that the valuation of property in the Shire has advanced 150% during the past year, speculators and investors will no doubt know how to appreciate it.’   Much was made of the fact that the estate would be right opposite the site of the new Council Chambers which ‘will enhance this land one hundred fold’.

Advertising boasted that ‘each allotment will be perfectly drained, and as frontages and depths have been liberally arranged, the estate should provide pleasant and healthy homes … in the very centre of this rapidly improving locality’.

Terms were one tenth cash and the balance at 3 and 6 months at 6% per annum.

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