Land Sales - Sumner Estate

The Sumner Estate had its beginnings in 1915 when the Fitzroy, Northcote and Preston Tramway Trust purchased land in St. Georges Road for the princely sum of 10 pounds. At that time there had been a strong push to build a tramline along St. Georges Road but most of the land had been in private hands, restricting the road's development. The estate was named after Theodotus Sumner who had the Stony Park mansion on the Merri Creek in Brunswick. The land was subdivided into forty feet allotments and sold from 1921 to 1924. The estate is bounded to the west by the Merri Creek, north to Auburn Avenue and south to Sumner Avenue and to St. Georges Road to the east. The first landsales in the area trace their origins back to Northcote's first land sales of 1841. A number of long blocks were created, running from High Street down to the Merri Creek. William Rucker was one of the first owners of the land which later became Sumner Estate. Later owners included Theodotus Sumner who gave his name to the area.

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