Yann's Reserve

Seymour, Yann & Junction Streets

The land that comprised Yann’s Reserve was owned by a local blacksmith and wheelwright, Frederick Yann, who had a thriving business near the Junction Hotel on the corner of High Street and Plenty Road in South Preston. He had established his business in the area in the early 1870s.

Unlike a lot of the land sales taking place during the late 1880s, the allotments on the Yann Reserve sold well due to their central position and all the amenities that two major highways of Plenty Road and High Street had to offer. The land sale auction took place on 21 April 1888.   It was only three minutes’ walk to Bell Station and the terminus of the Preston Tramway was set to open soon.   The terms of sale were £5 deposit per lot with the balance payable up to 3 years at 6% interest.   Drags and cabs brought people out of the city to attend the sale.   Forster, Harley W. (1968). Preston Lands and People. Melbourne: Cheshire. Sands and McDougall’s Melbourne and Suburban Directory 1864- 1974. [Microfiche]. (1974). Melbourne, Australia: Sands & McDougall. Yann’s Reserve, Preston [cartographic material]. 1888. State Library of Victoria. Available online.