Gladstone Avenue, Northcote

Gladstone Avenue was once part of the estate of Francis Beaver, a member of the Victorian Legislative council, which stretched from High Street to St Georges Road and from Beavers Road to Beaconsfield Parade. After Beaver left politics due to poor health in 1887, he sold his property, which was subsequently subdivided and sold off as the Erskine Estate.

Gladstone Avenue developed slowly with most growth being on the north side. In 1890 there were seven houses, by 1910 that had only grown to thirty but by 1930 it had seventy houses and was nearly completely developed.

Gladstone Avenue has had some name changes in the past. Prior to 1917 the road to the west of St Georges Road was names Morley Street. Most streets to the west of St. Georges Road did not match with the corresponding roads on the east side of St. Georges Road. Therefore in October 1917 all streets to the west of St. Georges Road were renamed to match their eastern counterparts.

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