Central Preston Reserve Estate

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Plenty Rd, Malpas, Wood, Selby, McColl, Stepney & Donald Streets

The late 1880s saw a land boom in Preston and generally throughout Melbourne with numerous land companies being formed along with individuals subdividing and offering land for sale.

In 1888 there were 25 different estates on the market in Preston, including Central Preston Reserve estate.

On 26 May 1888 the estate was put up for sale and described as a ‘magnificent subdivision … situated in the very heart of Progressive Preston’ and within easy reach of the railway station which was due to be opened the following year. Other selling points were a good supply of gas and water, near to train and tram networks.

Preston is the most go-ahead and progressive suburb around Melbourne… Preston land will double in value by next spring.’

A deposit of £2. 10s was required to secure the purchase and the auctioneers offered free train tickets out of the city for those wishing to attend the sale.

89 villa, business and mansion sites were for sale as part of the estate and following the sale day it was reported that 53 sites were sold on the day.

There were so many allotments of land on estates for sale during this ‘boom’ time that many remained vacant or not built upon for many years, often not until after the First World War, and sometimes the layout of the estate changed.

Looking at the Central Preston Reserve land sale poster you will see that there were a few name changes, but the layout remained the same.

Rona became Selby Street, Centre became McColl Street and Dunstan became Stepney Street.

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